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Andre calloux center

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Who we are

Lauren Turner Hines 


Lauren Turner Hines (she/her) is a cultural strategist, renowned theatre director, producer, and administrator with a profound dedication to fostering spaces where Black performing artists can thrive locally in New Orleans and across the broader national artistic landscape. Over the past two decades, she has committed to addressing the systemic barriers hindering artistic power, liberation, and agency within Black communities.

Drawing from her intimate understanding of the consequences of space inequities and cultural displacement resulting from gentrification and oppression, Lauren envisions the Andre Cailloux Center as more than just a performing arts venue. Her vision extends to creating a co-designed space that doubles as an economic development incubator for Black-led performing arts organizations. These organizations have historically been denied access to the resources necessary for long-term sustainability.

In the face of cultural and historical erasure threatening Black communities' sense of belonging and self-knowledge nationwide, the Andre Cailloux Center for Performing Arts & Cultural Justice stands as a beacon of hope. Inspired by the legacy of freedom fighter Andre Cailloux, it serves as a symbolic "ghost light," illuminating the stories that define our many lived experiences throughout the African Diaspora and calling us to gather in our ongoing struggle for freedom.

With its dual focus on local impact in New Orleans and national significance, the Andre Cailloux Center represents a groundbreaking model for justice-centered cultural institutions. It embodies a paradigm shift in how organizations can lead cultural reclamation efforts while simultaneously serving as indispensable community assets and utilities. Through Lauren's leadership, the center preserves the past and paves the way for a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

Lauren Turner Hinds in black and white, laughing
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